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Young Spirit/Farkas Pálinka ( Farkas Pálinka )

Country of origin: Hungary

Represented company

Farkas Pálinka Kft.

Tibor Farkas

Hegyi utca 13.

8983 Nagylengyel

Offer created by

Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien

Industry sector

Wines, alcoholic beverages

Content of offer

We loocking for partners to sell our products in Austria. Our history started in 1982. We heve got two range of Pálinka’s. First, Farkas Pálinka is a typical traditonal Hungarian fruit eaux. The second one is Young Spirit. We sell it in a unique black bottle, with an eyecatching design, it stands out immediately from the widest selection of spirits in a bar or shop. With it we focus on a completely different group of costumers, who didn’t choose Pálinka so far. This target group consists of young adults , ladies, foreigners who are less knowledgable aboute Pálinka. We developed some special cocktails with Young Spirit to make wider place in the market to our brand.

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