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U-Pointer2 Virtual Interactive Board ( EN-CO Trading Ltd )

Country of origin: Hungary

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EN-CO Trading Ltd

Laszlo Kaszo

Schweidel u. 5.

1118 Budapest

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Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien

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Hardware and Software

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EN-CO Trading Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of U-Pointer2 for CEE area including Austria. The country of origin of U-Pointer2 is South-Korea. The manufacturer of U-Pointer2 is selling this technology for several manufacturers of intelligent projector.

How does it work?

The U-Pointer2 belongs to IT peripheral category. Connecting the U-Poiner2 to a projector end a computer any board or wall becomes an interactive virtual board.


  • Editing notes

  • Several functions are supporting drawing

  • Handling of ppt and other files

  • Recording the presentation in form of video

  • Automatic calibration function

  • Virtual keyboard for ease of internet browsing and word processing

  • And many other useful functions

Where and whom is this tool useful?

  • Universities and other educational institutions

  • Companies or firms

  • Meeting rooms

  • Seminars and Lectures

  • Presentations

  • Trade Shows


  • Much better price compared to interactive whiteboard

  • Image processing technology (high level technology)

  • High resolution, accuracy and fast response time

  • Able to fit in your pocket

  • And many other useful functions

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Range of customers

Handwork, Crafts
Public services
Public administration