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Software development, Project based development, Team as a Service ( JUSOFT Hungary Ltd. )

Country of origin: Hungary

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Jusoft Hungary Ltd.

Dr. Csaba SANDOR

Vág u. 11. A. ép. fszt. 1.

6724 Szeged

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Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien

Industry sector

Hardware and Software

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We develop user-friendly, secure and trendy web and mobile applications upon custom requests.

Solutions for enterprises

Our team has several years of experience in software development for enterprises and governmental organizations.

We know the recipe for integrating our dynamic teamwork into the processes of corporate and governmental organizations.

Our goal is always to have satisfied clients and to be proud of the quality of our work.

Web and software development

We build unique software applications with transparent UX and UI design. Our development team applies agile methodologies, having wide experience in corporate as well as in start-up environment.

Mobile applications

We develop structured and client-fit applications on iOS and Android platforms that we support with normal or cloud based back-end systems. Our experience range from smaller applications to corporate solutions.

Product development

We provide unique product development services since we have several years of experience in this field.

We know how to to quickly and efficiently develop such products as ERPs and MRPs, CRM softwares, help-desk systems, retail and wholesale softwares.

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We use the most up-to-date technologies and recommendations in our software development projects. Our most frequently used technologies are Java, C#, Angular or TypeScript. Among others as well, our development team has many years’ experience in these technologies.

#java #csharp #angulario #typescript #javascript


Beside cloud and on-premise web applications, we build platform free and native (iOS and Android) mobile applications according to today’s requirements. We provide normal or cloud based back-end systems to these applications.

#ios #android #windows #uwp #googlecloud #azure #xamarin #cordova


We use industry standard tools, such as GIT and Redmine or self-developed project management tools during our development work to secure the transparency and pace of our developments.

#git #devops #redmine #gitlab #tfs


Primarily, we utilize agile and lean start-up methodologies from the project planning phase to the software implementation.

#scrum, #leanstartup #tanácsadás #prototyping #agile

Regions of interest

Switzerland, Liechtenstein

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