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Mechanical antitheft device for cars ( Barta Trading Kft. )

Country of origin: Hungary

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possessing the licence Barta Trading Kft have the Autolok produced in Hungary

Barta Trading Kft.

II. utca 20.

H-1172 Budapest

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Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien

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Vehicles and accessories

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Barta Trading Kft has been distributing high quality car security products like Bulldog wheel clamps, Autolok steering wheel clamps ( Autolok 2000 Plus ), gear and handbrake locks and others for more than 25 years . All these are mechanical antitheft devices with great detterent effect and high resistance against any car theft attempts.  Our intention of today is to enlarge the market of these products among others in Austria too by a local company being ready to introduce them there within an advantageous cooperation with us. ( ) Our main and best product the Autolok 2000 Plus has been imported  from England till 2010. Its production was moved to Hungary in 2010 and our company owning the licence has it produced by a local workshop.

More info

Austrian market seems to be an attractive one for Autolok because there are a good number of on line sales mostly to Wienna for a couple of years. We do believe that the demand for Autolok will surely increase  - similar to Hungary - as soon as it would be known by car owners from the country.

Regions of interest

As the car theft is more frequent in the cities the sales are expected to be higher there. Autolok 2000 Plus steeringwheel clamp proves to be the most effective and resistant device against the car thieves for more than 20 years by experiences from UK and Hungary too.

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