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Furnitures from solid wood ( Furnitures from solid wood )

Country of origin: Hungary

Represented company

Pfiffer Bútor Mór Kft.

János Pfiffer, T: +36 30 484 2295

Árkipuszta Ipartelep 3600 hrsz

H-8060 Mór

Offer created by

Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien

Industry sector

Furniture, interior decoration

Content of offer

Our family factory has been manufacturing solid wood furniture and accessories since 1994. We are looking for resellers and agents for export distribution of these high-quality and valuable furnitures. Primarily we are looking for a partner where the minimum order would be 5-10 items of the products selected by the customer from our product range.

We have 2,000 m3 lumber in stock, we have sawmill on 3.5 hectares of our own industrial area. After sawing we let the wood rest for 2 years, and we make furniture from it only after that, this is also one of our huge advantages that differentiates us from our competitors and reflects our belief in quality and reliability. 

More info

Our multilingual website is currently being prepared. We can provide dimensioned graphics, photos and prices by tree species and color category of our products.

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