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Full body EMS training ( Full body EMS training )

Country of origin: Hungary

Represented company

EMS Power Kft.

Frau Réka Kálló

Dési Huber u. 5/1. II/8.

1098 Budapest

Offer created by

Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien

Industry sector

Health care, cosmetics, perfumes
Sporting goods

Content of offer


 Our company, EMSP Power Kft. produces and sells whole body electro muscle stimulation equipment. Our innovative product meets every requirement of the current market. 

 Our aim is to find global partners to start distribution internationally. We believe in a strong and close cooperation with your company to support our entry to your market and to expand your range of sold products, thus increasing the income of both of us.

 Please find attached some informational documents about EMS Power Kft. Of course, I am gladly at your disposal in case of further questions and to discuss the exact conditions.

 If you can see the advantages of a cooperation, please do not hesitate to sign me back.

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