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Custom development ( Attrecto Next Tech Digital Solutions )

Country of origin: Hungary

Represented company

Attrecto Next Tech Digital Solutions

Adam Balogh

Wesselényi u. 6.

9024 Győr

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Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien

Industry sector

Hardware and Software

Content of offer

Clients come to Attrecto for a reason. Founded in 2010, we are rewriting the rules as innovators in developing and applying new and emerging B2B and B2C mobile and web next tech digital technologies in ingenious and powerful ways. We produce significant cost advantages, time accelerated solutions, measurable business value and heightened ROI for clients in the EU, America. We are delivering special client value extending far beyond the code itself. Headquartered in Hungary, one of the most dynamic digital centers in Europe, we bring global capabilities and experience through our 70+ in-house developers.

Our custom development business line  provides:

a. Meaningful consumer services and solutions - B2C apps that:

i. Create new revenue channels/sell existing content in new channels or new content

ii. Enable client PR/communications tools to reach specific demographics, increase company transparency, promote content and boost customer demand

iii. Facilitate marketing of apps and create buzz by actively engaging prospects to download and use, and

iv. Deliver ongoing support and maintenance

b. Accelerate business workflow – help to transform/speed business performance via B2B apps that:

i. Optimize/streamline in-house processes

ii. Create new communications channels or revenue streams (selling through apps or where the app itself become revenue producer)

iii. Build out marketplace-like ecosystems via core and companion apps linked by server-side solutions

Regions of interest

USA, Scandinavia

Range of customers

Handwork, Crafts
Public services
Public administration