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Wind turbines (Renewable Energy) ( Wind turbines (Renewable Energy) )

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MUTH-r Bt.

Ferenc Muth

Napsugár u. 4.

H-2045 Törökbálint

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Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien


Sanitär, Heizung, Klima, Energie

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We are looking for partners to sell and install wind turbines with innovative technology.
Wind turbines with unique intelligent control on the market are of medium performance (this size in their own segment is without a competitor on the world market, the others are smaller or larger), the annual consumption of a single family house can be covered even with heating, operating independently from the wind direction, vertical inox wings are twice as effective, extremely quiet, with a minimum life span of three times that of solar cells, and requires minimal maintenance which, coupled with online supervision, makes it even more cost-effective and continuously high performance. If necessary, it is much easier to relocate than solar cells.ISO certified production process, CE certified. On the one hand, the business opportunity is provided by the lack of competitors and on the other hand by the noise-free operation. Placement in residential areas, small plants, and farms does not cause a deterioration in quality of life.
According to our business idea, besides the individual sale, we prefer to set up a fleet in such a way that we place the devices for joint use, for example, to buildings of commercial retail networks, public institutions, hotels, transport and telecommunication companies places etc.  After deducting the costs, the energy produced or the income is shared so that the partners do not have any technical or economic risks and do not have to deal with the operation.
Looking forward to questions and making contact Ferenc Muth and Viktor Solti
Tel +36705626914