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TOLL manufacturing Request ( TOLL manufacturing Request )

Herkunftsland: Ungarn

Repräsentierte Firma

Teljes Életért Nonpr. Kft.

Mr. Attila TAKÁCS

Thököly út 96.

H-5000 Szolnok

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Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien


Elektronik, Elektrogeräte

Angaben zum Vertretungsprogramm

To Whom it may Concern,

 My name’s Attila Takács and I’m responsible for the business and development area at Teljes Életért Ltd -Toll manufacturer company- from Hungary.

Let me introduce shortly our Hungarian company (located at Szolnok, in the heart of East Hungary) and share some useful information about us.

 Teljes Életért Nonp. Ltd. has many years of experience in CMT/Toll manufacturing and now we’d like to extend our interest in for ex. fine mechanics/electronic assembly, cabeling,  manual/line assembly, sorting, quality checking, labeling, packaging and any area which includes any manually added value task.

The main electronic devices what we produce:

  • push buttons
  • controllers
  • switchers
  • breakers
  • cabels
  • connectors
  • indicators

 We’re cooperating with Semperit Group, Phoenix Contact, Rafi, Eaton, Sews-H ( Magyar Suzuki Zrt.,), FERRERO, and Rissmann GMBH  with a different type of items/activities in different plants.

 Considering our experience and available workforce I can offer You our free capacity for CMT/Toll manufacturing (Costumer provide the required technology, know-how, raw materials/components and the production is done at our plants) for mentioned areas.

From June-2023, our capacity will be freed up at our plant in Fegyvernek (25km from the M4 motorway) with the following parameters:

  • 3000m2 production/service area
  • 250 employees (employed 8 hours)
  • the plant underwent a complete renovation in 2018, in this year a solar park will be install for energy independence
  • capacity available from 01-06-2023 for the entire plant or only part of it
  • Attachment some photos

We look forward to your feedback/questions in English/German.

 Thank you for your time and I’m waiting for your response!


Attila Takács

Business Development Director

Teljes Életért Nonprofit Kft.

5000 Szolnok, Thököly út 96.