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High quality glitter tattoo kits ( High quality glitter tattoo kits )

Herkunftsland: Ungarn

Repräsentierte Firma

TyToo Body Art Kft.

Eva Eiler-Mezoffy

Nyugati utca 5-7.

4025 Debrecen

Angebot erstellt von

Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien


Geschenk-, Werbeartikel
Gesundheit, Pflege, Kosmetik

Angaben zum Vertretungsprogramm

TyToo is a 10 years-old Hungarian manufacturing company and we do what we do to make smile as many children as possible with our products.

We are a fast and reliable supplier of our partners, TyToo kits are fast moving products on Amazon, in toy stores, hyper/supermarkets and creative hobby shops among others. Our range consists of high-quality products with CPNP registration.


-  glitter tattoo kits with special durability

-  instant henna kits

hair chalk sets


We are looking for you, if you

  • believe in quality and you are ready to represent our brand with the same passion as we would do
  • want to work with a reliable team where development plays a central role
  • have the right contacts to lead our products into the Austrian market
  • are achievement and success oriented.

Your main responsibilities will be

  • finding new sales channels in Austria or throughout Europe, increasing sales efficiency
  • identifying and acquiring potential key new customers in the market,

liaising with TyToo's professional team