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Energymanagement ( Energymanagement )

Herkunftsland: Ungarn

Repräsentierte Firma

Prolan Zrt.


Szentendrei út 1-3

2011 Budakalász

Angebot erstellt von

Commercial Section / Hungarian Embassy

Mark Mautner

Bankgasse 4-6

1010 Wien


Elektronik, Elektrogeräte

Angaben zum Vertretungsprogramm

Traditionally, we produce substation data collection devices (RTU ) and dispatching centers (SCADA ) for the electrical industry (Transmission and Distribution System Operators), our references are also to be found in the oil and gas industry and waterworks. These two areas now operate as independent subsidiaries, such as Prolan Power Zrt .  and Prolan Innolab Kft.  Another basic product is the so-called long-wave radio ripple control receiver (RKV ) and the audio-frequency receiver (HKV ) that are installed at consumers for managing special tariff usage. Beside our key customers in Hungary we also sell them to utilities in Germany. Our ongoing development aims to provide a broad range of products that meet the needs of intelligent networks, such as remote meter reading (AMR ), versatile local data collection and processing (C-RTU ), devices for monitoring low-voltage networks and relay devices required by German service providers , and the remote management system for public and space lighting networks (ECLIPSE ).