Angebote ansehen / Commercial Agent for Innovative smart wrist wooden massager Tobiar

Commercial Agent for Innovative smart wrist wooden massager Tobiar ( 2021-6-10 )

Herkunftsland: Slovenia

Repräsentierte Firma

Pravi um d.o.o.

Maja Rajterič

Ob železnici 27

1420 Trbovlje

Angebot erstellt von

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Vienna / Commercial Dept.

Dusan Psenicnik

Kolingasse 12

1090 Vienna


Medizin, Labor, Pharma

Angaben zum Vertretungsprogramm

In the Slovenian company Pravi um d.o.o.  we are interested in a business cooperation  with a solution that helps to prevent and recover one of top 10 problems people are facing in EU today. 

The solutions on the market and in the medicine cover diversified products to ease the pain, therapies and even surgeries.

Based on these findings and personal experience and a lot of clinically tests and researches, we developed Tobiar - innovative smart wrist massager, based on local vibration therapy, where vibrations work deeply on the muscle tissue.  Blood circulation and metabolism are accelerated, cells are being regenerated and the tension of the muscle tissue is regulated and stimulated.

Additional advantages and characteristics of Tobiar are:

ergonomic design

-  it's curative and preventive

-  it has been clinically proofed  that it really helps with repetitive strain injuries, especially carpal tunnel syndrome

-       the housing is made from natural  materials, wood protected with propolis,  so no skin allergies can occur.

Tobiar is patented and its innovative aspects have been recognized on the international innovations fair ARCA (Croatia, 200+ competing innovations) with a silver medal, while the bronze medal was won on the Invent Arena (Czechia, 210+ competing innovations), etc. The effects have been verified with clinical tests on The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana.

Tobiar was well accepted by several segments of customers,  especially by architects, accountants, designers, web developers and many others.


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